Why We Built Flora

Flora was built to empower people to live sustainably in their daily lives. Our vision is to pioneer the next generation of mainstream sustainable living stems from a single desire – to positively impact our environment.

We started by identifying the problem first before developing a solution.

In conducting research, we discovered that there was a huge disconnect between consumers who want to shop sustainably and those who do. More than 70% of the population state that they prefer sustainable products but, unfortunately, the fragmentation of sustainable product offerings and standards has created a challenging experience for people who want to shop and live more sustainably.

We were gripped by the idea and wanted to solve this problem by making sustainable products more accessible to consumers. Using our skills and experience, we developed a plan to acquire and scale small eco-conscious consumer product brands that had tons of potential, all with a goal of distributing them on a sustainable product marketplace for consumers. We knew that if we executed this plan well, we could disrupt an entire industry and positively impact the world.

We started working on a business plan for Flora in March 2021 and in a few short months, in September 2021, we started all operations, raising capital, acquiring our first of many brands, and building a skilled team that could operate all parts of the newly acquired businesses.

Today, we have a scalable approach to operating our brands and systematically adding value for consumers and the environment. We believe we have a responsibility to entrepreneurs who put our environment first, so we choose to invest in sustainable businesses that prioritize and invest in our wellbeing next.

As we continue to grow, we strive to become a platform where we unlock the full potential of all sustainable brands and inspire people around the world to make responsible choices and consume eco-friendly products.

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