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Why Flora

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Over the past few decades, e-commerce has become a cultural phenomenon that is here to stay. The emergence of e-commerce has been praised by many for its immediate access to better products, wider selection, and lower prices and for reducing barriers for entrepreneurs to create meaningful brands online. But where does sustainability fit into this equation?

As successful as the e-commerce space has become, it is often overlooked how it has negatively impacted the environment - from carbon emissions that pollute our air to excess waste that ends up in landfills and harmful objects being dumped in our oceans. Studies have shown that more than 70% of the population prefer purchasing sustainable products, but unfortunately, they are often not accessible or affordable for the majority of people. We want to bring attention to the matter while we find solutions.

Flora, by definition, is described as “all plant life in a particular region or era.” And like all living things, Flora’s brands also require nutrients to thrive to their maximum potential.

Flora was born to empower people to live sustainably in their daily lives. Our vision is to pioneer the next generation of sustainable living.

This is why we built Flora. We were born from the desire to revolutionize e-commerce by helping people make small sustainable choices that will eventually lead to a big environmental impact. We’re on a mission to provide greater access to sustainable products at affordable prices to people who care about themselves, their loved ones, and the planet.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We acquire sustainable brands from mission-driven entrepreneurs who lack time, expertise, or capital to unlock the full potential of their category-leading brands

  • We reinvent and grow these brands using our proprietary technology and data science capabilities and expertise in sustainability, branding, marketing, advertising, supply chain, and product development

  • We help our customers to measure, own, and reduce their carbon footprint by switching to high-quality, sustainable products from a wide selection of independent mission-driven brands curated by Flora

Prior to founding Flora, we spent our careers in advising and investing in top e-commerce platforms and consumer brands. During this process, we realized that most entrepreneurs do not have the same access to resources and capabilities to scale their brands to their utmost success. We wanted to change that. At Flora, we believe we have a responsibility to entrepreneurs that put our environment first, so we choose to invest in their sustainable businesses that prioritize and invest in our wellbeing next.

We strive to become a platform where we unlock the full potential of all sustainable brands, inspire the global community to make responsible choices, and consume eco-friendly products.

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