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Flora $9M Seed Round Announcement

Flora raises $9M to build the first technology-driven sustainable e-commerce platform.

Climate change is real and now is the time to take action. That's why we raised a $9M seed round to build the first technology-driven sustainable e-commerce platform. We acquire, reinvent and grow sustainable brands with a mission to provide greater access to sustainable products at affordable prices. In our first year, we served over 300 thousand customers and saved 10 thousand tons of CO2 emissions.

We are grateful for the tremendous support of our exceptional Silicon Valley investors, including Lux Capital, Correlation Ventures, Climate Capital, and Gokul Rajaram, as well as D4 Ventures, Esas Ventures, Paragon Ventures, 23 Fund who also participated in this round along with successful entrepreneurs Firat & Fatih Isbecer (Commencis), Ramakant Sharma (Livspace), Rob Gabel (Tubular Labs), in addition to executives and investors from Amazon, Apple, Doordash, Goldman Sachs, Silverlake, and Softbank.

Unique Business Model Integrating Brands, Technology, and Operational Excellence

At Flora, we are using our proprietary technology and algorithms to identify sustainable brands and evaluate their operational and financial performance, sustainability impact, and value creation opportunities. After brands are integrated seamlessly into Flora’s best-in-class operating platform, we grow their sales and optimize their operations by leveraging data science and technology capabilities. Our stellar team of operators from Amazon, Alibaba, P&G, General Mills, Constellation Brands, Blue Apron, Tinder, Publicis, McKinsey, JP Morgan, and Accenture have significant expertise in sustainability, branding, marketing, advertising, supply chain, and product development. Our genuine, impact-driven mindset and operational expertise attract exceptional mission-driven entrepreneurs who lack time, expertise, or capital to unlock the full potential of their category-leading sustainable brands. We will deploy hundreds of millions of dollars to provide a lucrative exit for these entrepreneurs and help their brands flourish globally.

Fighting against Climate Change with a Tech-driven Sustainable E-commerce Marketplace

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. A growing base of conscious consumers are taking action by leading the sustainability movement. 77% of consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy and are engaging 8 times more with sustainable brands on social media than conventional brands. Yet three-quarters of consumers don’t know how or where to find sustainable products they need. We are launching the first technology-driven sustainable e-commerce marketplace in Q4 2022 to address this.

Despite the abundance of data, traditional CPG brands and e-commerce platforms have made little progress in calculating their environmental impact. That’s why they are unable to address the needs of eco-conscious consumers. We are changing that by helping our customers to measure, own, and reduce their carbon footprint by switching to high-quality, sustainable products from a wide selection of independent mission-driven brands curated by Flora. We built a proprietary Lifecycle Assessment tool to calculate the environmental impact of all of our products and we provide transparent quantitative and qualitative insights to our customers.


This is just the beginning. We are partnering with creators, influencers, and non-profits to build a mission-driven community empowered by information. We aim to help our community to live a sustainable lifestyle by expanding into areas such as fashion, food, dining, travel, and accommodation.

Flora is creating a better future by making sustainability easy and accessible.

Join the waitlist for our marketplace at to start taking action today, and follow us on social media at @floraforgood. We are just getting started: let us know more about the brands and products you want to see on our platform. Entrepreneurs, if you have built an exceptional sustainable brand, let’s unlock its full potential together at

Stay tuned for greater things!

Flora Team

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