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Flora’s Evolution: A New Brand Identity to Reflect Our Ambition

As Flora’s business continues to take root and expand, it’s important that our brand identity reflects the company’s evolution. We first started Flora as a B2B platform, with our main audience entrepreneurs, and focusing on acquiring Amazon FBA businesses. Fast forward to today, our business looks different in just a few months. Over the past couple of months, we have evolved to be entrepreneur-first but not entrepreneur only. Today, we serve entrepreneurs, eco-conscious consumers, and investors.

To reflect this new reality, we decided to evolve our brand identity to support a more modern, simple, and organic look. Flora’s refreshed visual identity includes a new logo, wordmark, typography, and color.

Guided by our mission, to make quality, sustainable products more accessible and affordable for people who care about themselves, their loved ones, and the planet, we believe making small sustainable choices can change the world. And we follow our core company values to do just that. In our new logo, we captured Flora’s core values in four pillars, Sustainable, Ambitious, Authentic, and Innovative, each represented in a different shade of green:

  1. Sustainable

    1. Flora is purposeful in its business model, aiming to set an example for businesses, teaching consumers to be sustainable while positively impacting the environment.

  2. Ambitious

    1. We back up our mission and purpose by holding ourselves responsible for the ambitious commitments we make to ourselves, our customers, our partners, and the planet.

  3. Authentic

    1. We aren’t perfect - no company is - but we're honest about the positive impact we make and we're transparent about our opportunities for improvement.

  4. Innovative

    1. We’re committed to innovation throughout the full product lifecycle, all in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and provide our customers with products that empower them to live sustainably in their daily lives without compromise.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll see Flora’s refreshed brand identity begin to come to life across all of our experiences – starting with our corporate website, our brand shop, email, social channels, paid media, and advertising offerings.

Thank you to the teams and partners who gathered around our table to bring this work to life, from our agency partner Monroe to all our internal teams at Flora.

We’re excited to see the new Flora flourish in the world.

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