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Empowering  Sustainable Habits

We are a team of socially responsible, diverse professionals with a common goal:  Making a meaningful impact on people and our planet.


We are authentic

Flora is a place to be yourself, express yourself and to stand up for what you believe in. We’re honest, fair, and transparent in the way we operate and the way we conduct business and we expect the same from our employees.


We are diverse

We welcome and encourage people from all age, race, gender, sexual orientation, and backgrounds to join our team. Unique perspective makes us better as people and as a business. In case it wasn’t 100% clear, we staunchly oppose discrimination of any kind.

We are curious

Knowledge is power and we’re constantly seeking ways to be better. We don’t expect everyone to know everything, but our team is always prepared to seek out the answers.

We are collaborative

We’re a team of doers with a passion for working together to solve complex problems. Improved communication leads to efficiency, innovation, and success at both an individual and a team level.


We're hiring. Join our global team!

We’re seeking intelligent, driven, and compassionate people who are passionate about creating value, driving innovation, and improving people's lives, all while making a positive environmental impact

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