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Sustainability Made Easy

Flora is pioneering the next generation of sustainable living. We exist to empower people to live sustainably in all aspects of their lives.

Our Mission

At Flora, we believe that small sustainable choices can lead to a large impact. That’s why we exist to empower people to live more sustainably in their daily lives. By offering high-quality, easily-accessible, and competitively priced earth-friendly products, we are pioneering the next generation of sustainable living.


We are committed to our values individually and as an organization

Bag of Fruits


Flora is purposeful in its business model, aiming to set an example for businesses, teaching consumers to be sustainable while positively impacting the environment.


We back up our mission and purpose by holding ourselves responsible for the ambitious commitments we make to each other, our customers, and our communities.


We aren’t perfect - no company is - but we're honest about the positive impact we make and we're transparent about our opportunities for improvement.


We’re committed to innovation throughout the full product lifecycle, all in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and provide our customers with products that empower them to live sustainably in their daily lives without compromise.


People & Culture

We are a team of socially responsible, diverse professionals with a common interest to make a meaningful impact for people and our planet. 


Flora helps people make small sustainable choices that lead to a big environmental impact.


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